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In Solidarity With Ukrainian Freedom Lovers

Ukraine...there is so much I would like to say to you, but I shall limit myself for ultimately the questions and aspirations of the Ukraine must be answered only by Ukrainians. Yet, as a "lobo", I humbly offer my sincere solidarity to the progressive freedom loving people of the Ukraine. The ink has dried on the deal your president made with Russia. I know your aspirations are real and lit by the fires of desire for greater freedoms. I pray that you may keep your torches ablaze with the hope that if nothing else, you have an election forthcoming in 2015 when you can elect a government that will listen to your aspirations. Also, as you keep your beacons aglow, I caution you to pay attention to the demographics of your beloved land: many of you who amassed in Kiev and demonstrated your aspirations for greater ties with the European Union(EU) were from the western part of Ukraine...conversely, many who voiced their preferences to master Russia were from the east. Is it possible that you will reconcile? Or do you need to study in looking forward a possibility of a Western Ukraine and an Eastern Ukraine as separate nation states? The Balkans hold good case studies in this area and the current Belgium has had and will continue to face such a question in the future. So you are not alone. Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels in Belgium will have to make such a decision into 2014 and beyond, so you might have a model to monitor as you assess your possibilities for the future. But keep the faith, dare to dream, have hope and be peaceful. Lasting democracy always evolves through trying conditions. Good Luck Ukraine and may God keep you well in the coming months.

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