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In Memory of The Syrian Children

United Nations weapons inspectors have started destroying chemical weapons within Syria; and against this backdrop, we remember the Syrian children killed - more than 400 in the recent gas attack. Would destroying these weapons be enough to punish Syria for crimes against humanity? Once again, I answer no. No regime on this planet should be allowed to gas its people and walk free after some political shenanigans to render moot the despicable acts committed. No weapons destruction deal is enough punishment to quiet the young souls of the departed children. Some believe that I am very extreme on this issue, but reason and justice, if at all separate, demand a profound punishment for genocide. No matter whom the balance of power tilts to in the ugly Syrian civil war; the Syrian regime must pay a significant punishment for killing so many innocent children. End of story. However, I must admit that the destruction of chemical weapons within the Levant, will go along way in safeguarding millions of displaced children within Syria.

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