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In Matters of Sovereignty and National Security Investigating Evidence Trumps Evidence Used to Start

In the Republic, matters of sovereignty and national security have a special classification - they are placed as top priorities because any infractions or threats against them would affect the well being of the Republic.

Therefore, matters involving sovereignty and national security should be held as special concerns. They have to be treated specially, as merited and within reason, as being different than other matters of criminal procedure.

Hence, while it might remain a general precedent during the course of normal criminal procedure to judge that if the warrant is bad, then the discovered evidence is bad, this procedure could not be reasonably allowed in matters involving sovereignty and national security.

In matters of sovereignty and national security, discovery evidence during an investigation must outweigh any evidence submitted to launch such a probe or to obtain a warrant. The gravity and likelihood of harm to the Republic in such matters mandate special treatment.

Moreover, if investigative involving matters of sovereignty and national security were not granted special classification and broadness of scope, then, intelligence agencies would be rendered impotent in all efforts to gathering evidence and prosecuting perpetrators toward the full protection of the Republic. 

Furthermore, any efforts to hinder investigations into the well being of the Republic must be construed as obstruction of justice.

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