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In Lieu of U.S. Aid...

Recipients of United States (US) aid, who are facing drastic cuts in such assistance imposed by the Donald Trump administration, must now look within and elsewhere to bolster their shortened economic, financial and social needs.

While some nations, including Germany, have pledged to make up the deficit for American denied aid to Palestinian refugees, Pakistan's stability stands to be impacted from a shortfall of US$ 300 million in aid and having no new surety.

Diminishing foreign aid should become a wake up call to all recipients to amend and to alter their national houses with a view to greater self reliance and independence. 

All recipients of foreign aid have obviously been receiving the stipend because of some strategic geopolitical reason, thus in lieu of such aid, these recipients have become free to widely leverage their justafix positions in order to ensure a constant flow of capital to their people.

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