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In Honor of Veterans - the Uniforms of Freedom

On this day, the free peoples of the World pay homage to Veterans of the Armed Forces - to those who have served, to those serving and to those who will serve. Your decisions to service in defense of liberty are noble. We salute you! Likewise we honor those fallen who gave the ultimate sacrifice of life that we all may be free.

As we look back to the Eleventh-hour on the Eleventh-day of the Eleventh-month in 1918, we are mindful that a victory by freedom over tyranny, could be short-lived as evident of subsequent wars and conflicts. Yet, you Veterans and your commitment to service in the name of life, liberty and justice, have managed to sustain tranquility in free lands.

However, today, many factors are gathering once again to test the resolve of free peoples from Ukraine, to Syria, to Iraq, to Libya, to Afghanistan, to the South China Sea and in the ambitions of Vladimir Putin in Russia. 

Therefore, as we honor and pay tribute to you Veterans today, we do so with the possibility that your unyielding strengths of service could be called upon again at anytime to defend liberty and the rights of humankind. And in advance we thank you for your loyalty in defending humanity.

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