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In Full Support of the American Free Press

This Blog stands in solidarity with the Free Press across the United States (US), and in answer to a Boston Globe Newspaper call upon the American Press to re-affirm freedom of the Press. 

Assaults on the Press from US President Donald Trump and from those who speak on his behalf, must not stand. They must be condemned. 

That the Press would not allow its responsibility to independence to be bullied into submission, nor that they would not concur with what is determined to be wrong, are certainly not worthy of the distinction as "enemy of the people", as Donald Trump has grossly claimed of the American Press. 

The Press is the People...The people are the Press - together, they act democratically to impede authoritarianism while promoting freedom, equality and the rule of law - the tenets of democracy and the principles of the Founding Fathers of the Republic.

Therefore, on this 16th Day of August, in the year 2018, in Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America, I hereby affirm full support of the American Press and I emphatically denounce all attacks upon the Press from the traditionally honorable Oval Office led by Donald Trump.

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