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In Full Support of Executive Action on Immigration

The Constitution of the United States of America reserves to the President Executive powers to act if the Executive deems it necessary that such actions are necessary to address any condition or any event. Immigration Reform legislation has passed the United States(US) Senate, has been politicized by the House of Representatives, where some legislators adopting stark opposition to the legislation, have allowed the measure to lay dormant.

That the 113th House of Representatives has failed to even call to a vote any version of the Senate Bill on Immigration Reform, and with Comprehensive Immigration Reform being an important item on the agenda of President Barack Obama, the Commander-in-Chief and Executive, reserves the right to issue Executive orders to ameliorate the broken Immigration system in the US.

There are 11.3 million undocumented immigrants in America. Many have raised families, paid taxes, served the Nation,  and have been in the country for more than seven years. Many children are undocumented because their parents brought them to the US illegally. While places like Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Italy and others struggle with swarming immigration by refugees from war and conflict, the US has not witnessed an influx of the numbers of immigrants those nations face.

Yet, there is alarming Republican opposition to President Obama's intentions to pave a way for those who have lived in the US for many years to become documented. These are not new people, the President simply wants to extend a democratic humanitarian path to those deserving the American Dream.

Executive action on behalf of these individuals demonstrates good rational leadership. Executive action epitomizes the tenets of democracy, freedom and of equality. So, we support President Barack Obama on the decision to uphold the American stewardship of democracy.

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