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In Affirmation of Western Ideals - Ukraine Votes Today

"The principle of political life lies in the sovereign authority. The legislative power is the heart of the State; the executive power is its brain, giving movement to all its parts. The brain can become paralyzed yet the individual is still alive. A man can remain an imbecile and live. But as soon as the heart has ceased to function, the animal is dead." Jean-Jacques Rousseau -  On The Social Contract.

After a year of crisis during which time an imbecile was ousted and during which time Russia has repeatedly meddled into the affairs of Ukraine; Ukrainians are voting today for a new heart of the country. As the polls draw to a close shortly, Ukraine would have had the opportunity to affirm its Western aspirations and to reject the contracting values of ousted imbecile Viktor Yanukovych, who fled the country with Russian assistance back in February after he failed to recognize the democratic desires of his people.

Today's vote for seats in the Parliament affords Ukrainians the democratic process to elect a legislature to implement and bolster the political and economic reforms agenda of President Petro Poroshenko toward greater European Union(EU) integration. 

Ukraine's economy has been raped by Yanokovych, stunted by corruption and hindered by conflicts within the Crimea peninsula and in the eastern Ukraine regions of Donetsk and Luhansk. Some 3 million voters in eastern Ukraine controlled by pro-Russian rebels will not join their 36 million neighbors at the polls today. Rebel held Donetsk and Luhansk have scheduled a vote for sometime next month.

Despite Yanukovych's flight from Ukraine, his Party of Regions bloc has continued to exercise much influence over the Ukraine legislature, and though that party is not contesting any seats in this current election, many of Yanukovych's comrades are contesting seats under the Opposition bloc Party. Yet, President Poroshenko's bloc - comprising of his Solidarity Party and boxer Vitali Klitschko's Udar Party, along with the Popular Front Party of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the Fatherland Party of Yulia Tymoshenko, are expected to form a solid reform government coming out of these elections. The Radical Party under Oleh Lyashko - a nationalist, could make some inroads into the Ukraine legislature.

Ukraine's future depends on its strong legislative heart capable of implementing the political and economic reforms to lift the country out of the doldrums of Russian influence and onto the path to greater cooperation with the EU.

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