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Implications of the Tunisia Terror after the Birth of An Arab Spring

Condolences are hereby offered to the families, loved ones and countries of those killed in yesterday's terror attack upon the National Bardo Museum in Tunis, Tunisia. 

Gunmen unleashed automatic gunfire terror upon tourists arriving at the well visited museum around noon. In the wake of the attack, 19 people were killed including 17 tourists and two Tunisians. Among the dead were tourists from Italy, Japan, Colombia, Spain, France, Poland and Australia. Forty-four people were wounded including visitors from the nations whose nationals were killed along with visitors from South Africa, Belgium and Russia.

Two accused gunmen were later killed by Tunisian authorities who continue to manhunt for at least three other perpetrators.

Sadly, this terror event, on the heels of the birth of the Arab Spring in Tunisia back in 2011, underscores the still persistent existence of the sum of dictatorships and of non democratic systems upon a nation, even in the face of a new successful and adaptive form of democratic governance in Tunisia, which serves as a model for other nations.

Hence, the effects of authoritarianism and the associated absence of judicial redress, are not immediately erased during a new transformation to democracy. What occurred in Tunis could sadly happen in many other places because the scars of history are never easily repaired. 

And as nations make the transition away from the rights-abridged systems of authoritarianism to government of the people by the people, small non adaptive sects still remain within the new societies that seek to derail progress based upon a failed ideology or upon a fallible agenda promoted elsewhere that thrives on strife, violence and mayhem.

But strong democratic systems and their people have and will always conquer the political orders of  olden times. And though this terror act, clearly targeting visitors, was meant to strike a blow at country's sputtering economy, Tunisia's democracy has evolved to a point where its supporters and friends, will not remain idle in allowing detractors to effect the will of the Tunisian people.

"All Tunisians should be united after this attack..." Prime Minister Habib Essid hoped in a report carried by Reuters. The United States(US) and other western nations support the efforts of the Tunisian government.

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