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Impediments to Stability - the Definers and the Definitions of Justice

Plato's "The Republic" describes justice as "the principle of one man one job, of minding one's own business in the sense of doing the job for which one is naturally fitted and not interfering with other people." Simple, yes;  but considerations of the definers and the definitions placed upon justice are true reasons to global conflicts now, tomorrow and  lasting through man's imperfection.

That some systems and some authorities act to define their own renditions of justice to the people based upon their own determinations of a who's who of classes, castes and divisions, breeds instability, conflict and war. Moreover, acts to define the best fitting role for an individual by another other than the said individual, and over the objection of the individual, remain triggers to strife, conflict and war. 

So as 2015 approaches, the granting or the denial of the rights of individuals to define their own justice -  their own fitting roles, will determine the level of peace and stability in the new year.

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