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Imagine China and Russia as Protectors of Asian Rights - Civil and Religious

If China's Xi Jinping has his way, China and Russia would become the protectors of all Asia. Protectors of civil, cultural and human rights as well as religious rights - the said religious and cultural rights the Uyghurs in Xinjiang province, China and the monks in Tibet,  have been begging to attain for themselves within China. Yet, President Xi wants his China, along with Russia and a handful of Asian nations to become the protectors of religious freedoms and human rights from Turkey to Indonesia and Malaysia and the Philippines. 

At yesterday's meeting in Shanghai, China,  of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-building measures in Asia(CICA), Xi of China called for the creation of a new Asian structure for security cooperation that would include China, Russia and Iran among others, but not the United States(US). As reported by the AP, such a proposal by China "marks the latest effort by Beijing to build up groups of Asian or developing governments to offset the influence of the United States and other Western governments in global affairs." In 2001 China also founded the Shanghai Cooperation Organization with Russia and a few other countries to counter US influence and to fight Islamic and separatist political movements. 

So Xi of China wants to limit Western influences in Asia, as he raises China's and Russia's. Would the people of Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei trust China and Russia as security partners to oversee their religious and civil freedoms? 


The Sino-Russo marriage that Putin of Russia and Xi of China have been courting for sometime has been consummated. News out of Shanghai this morning confirms that China and Russia have signed a 30-year gas supply deal probably worth $400 billion to pipe gas from Siberia to Beijing. Putin needed this deal to buffer Western sanctions for his meddling in Ukraine. Xi obviously needed the deal to demonstrate China's future tilt. 

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