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If the cost to the United States (US) for fighting the war in Afghanistan over the past 19-years is $2 trillion and counting, then imagine a world where such gargantuan sums could instead be earmarked for scientific research, development and medicine. 

Imagine other nations also contributing to such a global scientific fund aimed at bettering the welfare of all humanity. Vaccines, other medicines, disease cures, technological innovations, climate change protections, hunger preventions and other measures toward a better and healthier world would be more advanced than today.

Imagine scientific research and development stocks replacing armament companies as sound and high yield instruments of investments.

If we could imagine peace not war, international partnerships not adversaries, fast cures to epidemics not racist and xenophobic rumors amid international cooperation and not isolation, then from imagining, a reality of a harmonious continuity of the human race could really be possible.

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