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Identifying Actors of Insecurity, by Peter Boyce

Present events rattling global security were not created overnight. Rather, they are the sum of the actions of too many selfish, attention-seeking, money-'god' and greedy individuals, who, in their fallible pursuits to self satisfaction and boastfulness, would instigate and oversee the disembowelment of all facets of humanity from households, to villages, to towns, to cities, to nations and to continents, if allowed to cointinue with their agendas.

Each human being, including the actors of ill-will themselves, knows an actor promoting insecurity. The identity of the bad actors are not limited to those in positions of governance. Instead, the majority of the actors supporting and enabling world instability, knowingly or unknowingly, dwell in the homes of households, in the offices of businesses and in the realms of cyberspace. In these places, the murkiest of evils of the bad actors are conceptualized, fed, then released upon non-suspecting family members, friends, associates and fellow world citizens

These are the said actors that stand in the way of greater world progress and human development. They are impediments to fighting Climate Change, eradicating hunger, easing poverty, ending conflicts, promoting peace and affirming harmonious households. 

Therefore, it is the responsibility of all non bad actors to reject the sly operations of all bad actors. Once this responsibility has been fulfilled, only then would meaningful global cohesion, equality and security return to all of humanity.

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