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I Smell A Rat

That the jailed reporter at the heart of the unfolding journalism and Press freedom event evolving in Southern China has now given a televised confession to falsifying the news reportedly for bribes, does no more, than to casts further suspicions on the Chinese Media and its policing. The confession by the reporter  came more than five days after he was arrested and some days after his newspaper published its headline "Please Release Him". The course of events leading up to this televised confession are all suspect given China's history and record of human rights. How come the rigid censors in China allowed the headline in the first place? Were the Western Press and observers like myself duped into a sinister drama orchestrated with a predetermined outcome by alliances within China seeking distraction from unfavorable world organizations reports on human rights? I do not know. I submit that events of this kind the World Press reported on in Southern China this past week, will continue to occur until finally, all men and all women, from all four corners of the globe are able to speak and write freely about the conditions and operations of their societies without fear of reprisal and punishment. And for us who dare take up this torturous stake - that is the mighty pen and computer in our modern times, to advocate for the betterment of society; we must do so under a code of honor and  a pledge of service to the people. I reaffirm my commitment to the afore. The cause continues. Many good fights are yet to be fought. 

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