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"I Can't Breathe" - The Feds to Inquire

United States(US) Attorney General Eric Holder's inquiry into the death of another unarmed Black man placed in a choked-hold by a white policeman, is the only vehicle to justice left to medicate a festering gash in police-minority relations in America. 

This avenue to redress that rests with the US Justice Department as a check on civil rights actions and violations, comes as a saving grace following a despicable summer of police actions that have resulted in the death of unarmed Black men. Both New York US Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, have urged the Justice Department to investigate, the Washington Post reported. Last week a Ferguson, Missouri, grand jury failed to indict white policeman Darren Wilson, in the death of unarmed Black teen, Michael Brown. And yesterday, on Staten Island, New York, another grand jury failed to indict New York City cop, Daniel Pantaleo, in the unarmed choking death of Eric Garner, accused of selling cigarettes on the street. Garner's reported last words to police while in a chokehold: "I can't breathe." He laid on the street unattended until medical personnel arrived.

Attorney General Eric Holder's decision to launch federal investigations into both these recent cases involving the death or unarmed Black men is warranted; and the investigations represent a pillar to peace and justice in incidents that have the potential to evoke much anger and unrest. 

Though protests to the grand jury's decision in New York City and in Washington, DC resulted in snarled and blocked traffic, most of the demonstrations have been peaceful in part due to the known existence of the vehicle to redress through the Attorney General's Justice Department. 

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