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I Am Thankful...

As we approach Thanksgiving, I duly submit and inform that I am thankful that I live in the United States of America. I am thankful that this great land has accorded me the opportunity to live free, democratically responsible and with inalienable rights. I am thankful for our Chief Executive President Barack Obama and the level headedness with which he has led through storm and calm. I am thankful for my four sons who have had, and continue to, enjoy the privileges of the best public schools and of the best private Universities in the World located right here in America.

 I am especially thankful to Christine and Guifang for without them I would have been a cipher. To Guifang, you will always be special, our history ushers upon the World its future, its global appeal everlasting. I'm glad I met you.

 I am thankful for the friends I've met along the way for they have bestowed upon me an education, a comfort and an appreciation unmatched to anything.

 I am thankful to all who have chipped in to contribute to Community Affairs Consultants as we continue upon our path to fight on the behalf of humanity.

 I am especially thankful to H. M. whose insight, knowledge, maturity and counsel has been insightful, suspecting and predictable.

I am thankful to June, Pam and Lance for they believed in me when others didn't.

Thanks to Kerry O'Donnell who understands our times.

To you my audience, I am thankful for you, I wish you continued happiness, good health and prosperity. God Bless! Happy Thanksgiving!

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