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Hunger - an Additional Pang of the Victims of Crises

Crises - conflicts, natural disasters and chronic political instability are contributors to world hunger. And as the globe sadly hosts close to one billion hungry people, it should come as no surprise that 20 percent of the world's total hungry, live in countries facing crises. This revelation was recently made by Stanlake Samkange, an official with the World Food Program as the United Nations(UN) unveiled a report on world hunger in 2015.

That report detailed that 795 million people worldwide do not get enough food to eat and while the total number represented a reduction of 10 million of the total hungry in 2014, it also noted that 20 percent of the still hungry live in countries facing crises and that the number of starving people was increasing in sub-Saharan Africa.

While natural disasters, such as the recent earthquakes in Nepal, could cause temporary hunger, the prolonged starvation of victims of war and of political instability, should never be accepted. Man-made creations of deficits of food though conflicts like the ongoing war in Syria must be condemned and ended as part of any substantial global effort to end hunger; and political instability, wrecking economic pains in sub-Saharan Africa, must also be ameliorated in the global fight against hunger.

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