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Humankind's Vulnerability to Nature - Earthquake Deaths in Italy

Rescue workers aided by sniffer dogs are today continuing the arduous effort to locate any survivors buried in the rubble following Wednesday's devastating earthquake in central Italy, which has thus far, killed 241 people and injured some 264. 

Italy and many other locations including Myanmar, are faced with the reality that in spite of modern technological advancements in building codes, humankind remains more adversely vulnerable to natural events especially in instances when technology is missing from building standards.

Italy's 6.2 magnitude earthquake at 3:36 a.m. on Wednesday was centered in the middle of the country, in the province of Rieti, mainly around the ancient towns of Amatrice and Accumoli. While some fortunate survivors have been pulled from the rubble 24-hours after the tragedy, the event has already taken a big toll of some 241 death and hundreds of injuries. 

That 70 percent of Italian buildings have not been constructed of anti-seismic standards, according to a report by the Associated Press(AP), underscores the vulnerabilities of Italians and other nationalities to future acts of nature. Hence, concerted government and people actions are warranted from Italy and other natural disaster-prone countries to modernize their infrastructures in or order to reduce the human tolls in any future events of nature.

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