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Humankind - at a Defining Crossroad

Who we are; where we are; where we should be headed; and where we are actually heading, are fundamental assessments needed to sustain the civil human experience. 

Today, more than ever before, it has become necessary for all of humanity to come to grips and to take stock of the responsible role of each and every individual under the sun, to work for the continued betterment of the current human condition and to speedily put in place the required adaptations and safeguards to sustain planet Earth for generations present and future.

We are the human race - a kaleidoscope of tints, religions, cultures and geographic locations. We are the guardians of planet Earth implanted to procreate and to maintain the gifted lands, seas and air. Yet, this seemingly simple task of maintaining the planet has fallen into disrepair. 

We are at a point in the evolution of humankind where the devastating effect of climate change is causing havoc upon eco-systems with more crippling effects to come unless concerted action is taken forthwith, over stark opposition from naysayers blinded by capitalistic profits at the expense of their own offspring, to right a deteriorating condition. 

Droughts, wild fires, rising sea levels, more powerful storms, bad air and crumbling earthquakes are all testaments of climate change. And according to the Global Footprint Network, humankind has already consumed more than 100 percent of the Earth's resources for this year and this feat was accomplished on August 13, 2015, earlier than it did last year and in previous years.

We are at a point where displaced people number in the tens of millions with too many disrupted and robbed childhoods of the future generations. We are at a point where the rights and aspirations of people and nations are under attack by those seeking to retain the times and privileges of the feudal lord era. We are at a point where extremism threatens the fabric of modern civility. We are at a point where the civility of diplomacy to forge a better international relationship between nations is being challenged by some wanting to prolong strife and separation, while dangling over a particular region, the possibility of war at any moment.

But humankind should be tasked today with curing diseases, eliminating hunger and poverty and spurring scientific research toward the betterment of humanity.

Yet, unless much is done to reverse many current trends, humankind is headed to an era of major conflicts, wars, natural disasters and global instability.

However, there is hope. Human innovation, tenacity, will, desire and intelligence have triumphed over adversity, naysayers and detractors before. Now is the opportune time for humankind to select the globe-saving option at the defining crossroad simply because it is necessary and because it is the right thing to do for humanity's sake.

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