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Humanity - Today's Dilemma and Events and the Choices Toward a United Peaceful Tomorrow

The traditional military might, political influence and economic wealth of the United States (US) has for decades successfully placed the Republic in the role of global superpower. Historically, since about the beginning of the Twentieth century, the world, its peace, and its secured stability have appeared dependent upon the faithful stability of the US and its role as the leader for democracy, freedom, opportunity, equality and the rule of law. So the affairs of America have contributed to peacefully shaping humanity.

But the days of American empathetic leadership and guidance have abated in the present term of President Donald Trump. American influence is in decline and, in Trump, much of humanity is confused by the hallmarks of a populist authoritarian character strangely dwelling within the great American democratic system with a resulting and appalling, yet blunt reality of a dilemma sitting before humanity.

Matching that bleak dilemma is the event of the deadly and still spreading Novel Coronavirus pandemic, to which Trump has contributed via his often unscientific suggestions about the virus that have confused the American public on some basic issues like wearing facial masks to help combat the disease, which has infected more and killed more Americans than any other people on Planet Earth. At the time of writing, data provided by Johns Hopkins University numbered US COVID-19 infection cases at 6,644,311 and deaths at an unfortunate 197,120 Americans. Wearing facial masks to fight COVID-19 is still missing as  a Trump White House national directive to protecting the public health despite scientific evidence that the simple practice could save American lives.

Other events across America under Trump's tenure have been sparked by the stark reality of systematic racism. These events alone could directly effect whether or not America's, or humanity's tomorrow, is peaceful. Thus far, Trump's reactions have been to sow deeper division in the US as the 2020 Presidential Election nears on November 3. 

The abyss of division dug by Trump within the Republic appears too deep to ever be remedied by him. Therefore, humanity, and chiefly the electorate in the US, in electing for peace, stability and global unity, must reject any choice that keeps Donald Trump as any global decision maker.

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