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Humanity's Pressures - Exacerbated by Alliances of Autocrats

Wherever alliances exist between autocrats, humanity will come under pressure to function as free people living under the rule of law. Moreover, autocratic alliances involved in the execution of war, will exacerbate already bad conditions within conflict zones by carry out error-prone attacks upon intended targets that will kill innocents not connected to any conflict.

An agreement between Iran and Russia has allowed Russia to use Iranian bases to attack sites within Syria. While Russia maintains that the agreement does not violate the recent Iranian nuclear deal with the rest of the world, the agreement has already contributed to the unfortunate bombing of a field hospital in Aleppo, Syrian. 

According to observers, a field hospital in the village of Daret Azzeh, suffered a direct hit during a Russian bombing campaign on Tuesday. While only one person was reportedly injured in the event, observers credit fewer casualties to the fact that the facility was evacuated earlier because of the intense bombing in the area and out of fear that the hospital would be attacked.

However, the Daret Azzeh incident underscores the inherent dangers to humanity and to humanitarian activities posed by any alliance of autocrats and especially by those forged to execute of warfare.

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