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Humanity's Pressures Continue Amid a Preference for Solace

[First, I must inform that major technical difficulties beyond the scope of my limited abilities and yet, still baffling to the technical professions entrusted to manage My Blog, have hindered my posting of any Blogs for a couple of weeks. While these computer hazards continue, a skillful female technical has enabled me to circumvent a major glitch in order to post new writings. So in the event My Blog disappears again, be informed that I should always return when possible.

Second, I today extend a special Birthday greeting to my third son with a global reminder to him that he, his brothers and humanity are the reasons I rise everyday. May God continue to Bless him as he continues his path through life while gaining a formal education. Happy Birthday Son!]

With the afore stated, I hereby now acknowledge that humanity remains under heavy pressure even well into this month of October. From Puerto Rico, to the Commonwealth of Dominica, to Barbuda, to the United States and British Virgin Islands, to the French possessions of Martinique and Guadeloupe, to Dutch St. Martin, to Mexico and to other places wrecked by recent natural disasters, humanity struggles to find relief and comfort from events beyond the control of all the people. 

Relief efforts in some places have been hampered by poor coordination of resources, the apathy of some leaders and in some jurisdictions, the lack of assistance to those without a "big brother". Yet, good people have a profound resolve to survive and with the help of many humanitarians, the people will rebuild and relive again.

However, such is not the case for the unfortunate innocent people cut down too early in their lives by domestic terror in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, last week. That 58 people died and some 500-plus were injured in hails of bullets from one assailant, in the worse case of domestic terror in the United States(US) in recent history, clearly speaks of the flawed gun laws in the nation. Words alone can no longer console the survivors nor the loved ones of those killed. Concerted action to rein in the addiction to guns must now be demanded by the Republic.

Across the world, the Rohingya people of Myanmar and refugees of the Syrian war, all continue under great pressure this October. Expressions to self autonomy by the Kurds and by Catalonians are being rebuffed by some actors, thus dealing more pressures to humanity. And in Africa, Mali and the Democratic Republic of Congo appear to be joining an already long list of places causing undue hardships to the people.

But humanity must win out. Good must champion despair and evil, so we hope and we continue to work for a better tomorrow, an improving next week, a greater next month and a splendid next year. Peace, comfort and happiness to all. 

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