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Humanity's Obligation - Security and Stability to all the People

Humankind has the obligation to providing security and stability to the peoples of the world. Yet, this charged task has been failing since conflict, social and economic conditions have contributed to hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of human displacements in recent years.

Over 250,000 deaths including thousands of children and women during the execution of the Syrian war underscores the travesty of humanity's failing. Also, as reported by the United Nations Refugee Agency(UNHCR), that one in every 113 people on earth is an asylum-seeker, internally displaced, or a refugee, clearly confirms humanity's failing of the people it is supposed to protect.

The responsibility of hosting and housing each and every refugee is humanity's obligation - it is the duty of the entire globe and not any sole nation. That Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan hosted 27 percent of all refugees worldwide at the end of 2015 demonstrates the need for many more nations to share in the responsibility of aiding their brothers and sisters.

So, in the next week when world leaders gather in New York City, New York, at the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly(UNGA), governments, civil groups, businesses, non-governmental agencies, activists, scientists and humanitarians will have an opportunity to roll out a plan of action to fulfilling humanity's obligation to all the people of the world.

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