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Humanity's Needs

Humanity's obvious needs are the secure and the happy continuity of the human species. These needs are not insurmountable: they are attainable, thus humanity is tasked with finding the multilateral cooperation, mechanisms and systems to achieving these goals.

Therefore, with regards to conflicts, agitations, trade wars, actions of division and the failing environment, it becomes imperative that a balance be found to ensuring the harmonious and secure development of the human species.

But this balance will not be found until past wrongs are made right, desires stated and the general welfare of all the people sustained. Hence, trade spats should be settled fairly, the environment protected, international accords honored, wars ended and efforts should be made to readmit to the fold of international peace and security all willing partners desiring to work for humanity's good.

Humanity's needs are not complex. The actions of men, however, do complicate the accomplishing of all such needs. Therefore, a reboot is in order toward the successful continuity of the human species on Planet Earth.

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