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Humanity's Needed Next Step Toward Security - Global Cooperation

Now that more troubles have emerged in the realm of attaining greater human security and continuity, the daunting task before humanity, therefore, becomes the recall of beneficial progress within a secure global environment - the natural, social, economic and political fronts. 

Though more easier said than done, achieving a secure world is a tall task which has eluded humanity by all means toward any full accomplishment. World affairs at times have given the appearance of securing a broad peace, but too often the waters become quickly muddied by the actions of despots, populists and isolationists, whose actions heighten insecurity and account for the reversal of eras of developmental progress and global cooperation.

It is undoubtedly true that humanity functions more securely under a banner of international cooperation. The establishment of the United Nations (UN) and the experience of a globe without a World War even since its founding, is testament to the effectiveness of global cooperation. 

Yet, that cooperation could be deeper. A more consolidated and globalized world could function to deter those conflicts that have surfaced in recent years. Greater globalization could also serve to stave off the festering humanitarian tragedy in the Levant. Deeper globalization could also alleviate the pressures of trade wars as well as the unitary actions of some nations to enact events of insecurity.

So, if humanity is to ensure a more secure continuity, then a more concerted global cooperation should be the answer to combating the ill-wisdom of despots, isolationists, populists and the dangers to the human species.

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