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Humanity's Needed Goal - Nuclear Armament Reduction

The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks/Treaties (SALT) of the Cold War area were beneficial in that they got nuclear adversaries to consider reduction of nuclear arsenals. The post Cold War: Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), in some ways, also brought a measure of stability to global security.

New START, ratified in February, 2011, also offered benchmarks to reducing arms and nuclear arsenals. Yet, there have been no recent steps to strengthen and to extend global nuclear reduction treaties. Therefore, it is high time that humanity restarts its efforts toward global nuclear armament reduction.

Instead of boasts about the numbers and the sizes of nuclear arsenals, global leaders -  entrusted by the people to bring security cooperation and stability to an often too volatile world, should be working toward nuclear armament reduction. 

Leading from example, nations with the largest nuclear arsenals should not only be working to eliminate the nuclear arsenals of smaller states and the hindrance of other states from attaining the weapons of mass destruction, but large stockpile holders, need to earnestly work to reduce their own arsenals of nuclear arms.

Our world - in the East and in the West, could become a more stable and cooperative environment under agreed and obeyed treaties to reducing nuclear armaments.

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