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Humanity's Impotence to Stopping the Carnage of Aleppo by Russia and Bashar al Assad

In spite of international condemnation of Russia and Bashar al Assad for the bombings of medical and civilian positions in and around Aleppo, Syria, and despite pleas from humanitarians for mercy to the trapped people of the city, Russia and Bashar al Assad have not let up their bombardments.

The BBC-News reported earlier, citing sources in Aleppo, of continued bombings today across the war torn city including the re-bombing of the M10 Hospital from which the hospital's administrator, Mohammad Abu Rajab, sent the desperate message: "The hospital is being destroyed! SOS, everyone!". The hospital had been out of service since it was attacked on Wednesday, but some staff and patients remained in the facility.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault condemned the bombings while pointing out that the shelling of healthcare structures and personnel constituted war crimes. "Their perpetrators will be held to account," the BBC-News cited Minister Ayrault, "France is mobilizing at the Security put a stop to this unacceptable tragedy," he informed.

But the United Nations(UN) remains impotent to stopping the carnage of Aleppo because of the structure of the world body. Resolutions in the past to stop other carnage across Syria have been vetoed by Russia with China's support. Now, with Russia expected to assume the rotating presidency of the Security Council for the month of October, will it condemn its own actions? NO!

The super veto held by the P5(Russia, China, France, Great Britain and the United States(US) of the Security Council has been used by Russia to hinder peace efforts. Therefore, it might be high time the super veto status is reformed to a three-fifths majority being needed to stop any resolutions before the UNSC. 

Until then, humanitarians can only try to get a desperately needed ceasefire implemented in Aleppo, while western states could seek to arm Aleppo to defend itself from annihilation from Russia and Bashar al Assad.

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