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Humanity's Goals: Continuity, Stability and Prosperity

If the global consensus on humanity's goals are for the continuity of the human species, stability and prosperity, then todays humankind must do more to achieve these ambitions. At today's current trajectory, humanity will likely fail.

Humanity will not succeed under today's climate of social and political discord amid an atmosphere that renders greater wealth to the very rich and increases poverty to the majority.  

Right wing nationalist agitations, betrayal of promises and pacts, trade wars, classism, wars in Syria and in Yemen, the denial of full human rights to Palestinians, the statelessness of the Rohingya people, impediments to legal immigration and environmental protection failures, all combine to doom humanity to failure.

Humanity's goals to the prosperous continuity of the human species in a stable environment can only be achieved once past wrong are corrected and once no person is left behind on the path to life, liberty and equality.

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