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Humanitarian Crisis Deepens as the Rohingya Run out of Myanmar in Masses

Rohingya refugees fleeing persecution in Myanmar have now top 400,000 in Bangladesh -  a clear indication of the impotence of the sect to protect themselves from the atrocities of the Myanmar army. Thus, another humanitarian crisis deepens with no end in sight to the exodus of unprotected people fleeing from a state government.

The Associated Press(AP), citing UNICEF data, reported earlier today that the number of Rohingya people has now reached 400,000 in Bangladesh as they flee an onslaught of atrocities by the Myanmar armed forces. Yet, as the United Nations(UN) and others complain of the worsening humanitarian crisis, no sanctions have been placed upon Myanmar for the humanitarian crimes committed against the Rohingya people.

As Bangladesh wrestles with ways to accommodate an influx of close to half-a-million Rohingya refugees, the Myanmar government continues to deny its ethnic-cleansing crimes against the Muslim sect.

Therefore, it is high time that the world's remaining stalwarts of liberty and of democracy and of the rule of law, do provide the Rohingya people with the implements and assistance needed to protect themselves from genocide. Moreover, the Rohingya people should be willing to utilize such assistance and implements to retain their national land within Myanmar.

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