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Humanitarian Crises Demand International Cooperation to Remedy

By now, it should be blindingly exact to all humanity that the on hand Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic represents a clear and evidential deadly threat to all peoples.

Therefore, this disease which has infected hundreds of thousands of people across the continents killing tens of thousands of people, thus far, has demonstrated that it is undefined and unrestricted to any boundary, race, creed or age. COVID-19 remains a significant threat to millions of additional people thereby underscoring it as an international problem in need of international cooperation in order to ensure its defeat.

The international cooperation needed to defeat COVID-19 must trump all ideological holdings in order to be successful. Ill wills, isolationist practices, populist rantings and egotistical self-services and desires must yield to international cooperation to ascertain a win in the battle against COVID-19.

Moreover, racist, xenophobic and geographic slanders attached to COVID-19 should be utterly rejected because such fallible rhetoric are false and serve only to hinder and to delay forthwith action needed to end the deadly international disease.

Some nations and pacts - the People's Republic of China (PRC), the European Union (EU), Cuba and others have dispatched medical equipment and personnel to other nations in support of the international battle against COVID-19. Yet, these few entities should not have to carry the brunt of the load of the battle alone in the absence of full international cooperation.

So, politics must be brushed aside to facilitate the defeat of COVID-19. The welfare and health of all of humanity must trump all economic wishes and wants in fighting COVID-19.

International cooperation against COVID-19 should start today before far too many other lives are taken.

If a few leaders are eager for the pre-mature reopening of economic activity even in the face of stark deaths and infections, then such leaders are void of the rational thought and humanitarian empathy their high offices require.

International cooperation against COVID-19 could defeat the pathogen sooner than without full unity. After the victory, wide and open economic activity could then be activated to satisfy readily accepting and receiving markets.

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