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How Modern Economics Trump Human Aspirations

When Ukrainians look back at the last couple of weeks when their spirits and their aspirations led them onto the streets of Kiev to assert their wishes for closer ties with the European Union(EU) rather than with Russia, the hundreds of thousands who turned out should come to one conclusion: the economics of the time, of the place and of the circumstance trumped their souls. For after much wrist turning from Russia to lasso away Ukraine from the EU, yesterday, Russian president Putin and Ukrainian president Yanukovych inked a deal to get the Ukraine $15billion and also to discount Ukrainian natural gas purchases from Russia from $400 per 1,000 cubic meters to $268.5. Ukraine needs immediate financial assistance. Large payments due for natural gas to Russia are coming due, president Yanukovych thought he would wrestled $27 billion out of the EU each year as a token for him bringing the Ukraine closer to the EU. After the EU deal went sour, and as hundreds of thousands of protesters converged and encamped in Independence,  president Yanukovych went shopping for cash to China, then to Russia and then finally to Moscow when he found a ready and willing  Putin. Why? It would have been a major blow to Russia's esteem to see Ukraine and the EU in bed together. Ukrainians will soon know and feel the effects of the deal by president Yanukovych on their behalf. But for the thousands and thousands of demonstrators who have not seen their European dreams realized, economics must have been a major factor

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