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How Many More Martyrs Will Die before Self Determination is Realized by Those Denied?

From Gaza to Palestine, to the occupied territories, to Syria, to Iraq and beyond, how many more martyrs will die before those seeking self determination, liberation, statehood and a mere ambition to survive as human beings, could realize their aspirations? 

The slaughter of innocents and of idealists in their quest to attain basic human principles has reached a shameful toll. In Syria, more than 250,000 people have died in the past five-years from the execution of a conflict. Tens of thousands more have died in Palestine, in Iraq, in Yemen, in Gaza, in South Sudan, in Somalia and elsewhere. 

The large human toll of deaths suffered in present and in recent conflicts cannot be sustained. Humanity cannot afford to continue to witness such unwarranted deaths. 

Therefore, in all the jurisdictions that men and women live - the people must be allowed to be free, to decide their own governance and to possess the basic opportunities to life, liberty, equality, the rule of law and land.

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