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Hope, Renewal and Aspirations - Our Current Times

The continuity of the human species on planet Earth is replete with challenges and trials, yet with resolute hope, renewal from circumstances and with a strong aspiration for life, liberty and happiness, humankind has managed to forge onward with much confidence.

The unfortunate fire at the historic icon of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France, two-days-ago, though a sad event, serves as a guiding reminder to humanity that although some treasures could be marred and some destroyed, greatness could still beacon from smolder ashes and dismay.

In Algeria, the aspirations of that nation's youth  signal highly as an act of note that out of dormancy and dictatorship, the people are deserving of better governance. Similarly, in Sudan, the people there have concurred the Algerian dream to prosperity and hope over dictatorship and any military rule. Thus, their aspirations should be fulfilled and not smothered.

As the French conquer fiery damages to Notre Dame, they also incite many others to higher heights. So, aspire thy worthy people and rebuild thee dear comrades - onward to hope and renewal in championing our current times.

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