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Hope for the World's Displaced and Poor People to Weather COVID-19

The Novel Coronavirus and its associated COVID-19 pandemic, continues to wreck modern day unprecedented devastation upon humanity with soaring infections and gruesome deaths across the globe amid no scientific evidence suggesting the highly contagious disease would disappear anytime soon. 

At the time of writing, according to data supplied by Johns Hopkins University, worldwide confirmed infections of the contagion numbered a staggering 15,594,551 cases with a grim death toll of 634,594.

Thus far, the wealthiest nation on the planet, the United States (US), has recorded the greatest number of COVID-19 cases and deaths: 4,073,243 infections, and 144,780 deaths. In contrast, the world's poorest nation by GDP, Burundi, has reported a mere 345 COVID-19 cases with one single death.

Yet, a large segment of the world's population, many displaced and poor peoples, remains susceptible to the pangs of the Novel Coronavirus. Therefore, it remains imperative that these people not give in to complacency with regards to COVID-19 and that they accept and utilize whatever protections they have available to prevent and to contain the deadly disease. Moreover, the world's displaced and poor, who are very vulnerable to COVID-19 because of diminished health systems and operations, should take it upon themselves to successfully execute their own protections to the pathogen.

From Burundi, to Central African Republic, to Democratic Republic of the Congo, to Eritrea, to Niger, to Yemen, to the displaced Rohingya people in Myanmar, to the Syrians in camps within Syria, Turkey and elsewhere, to the people of Gaza and the West Bank, and to all those prone to this killer pandemic, please utilize your clothing and whatever else you might have at your disposal, to protect yourselves, your loved ones and your communities. As science has shown that wearing facial masks would help contain the disease, then you should practice the simple health and safety procedure and you should not politicize the important function as has been done in the US.

Be safe, be well and be vigilant. May God protect you. Amen.

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