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High Time to Stand for Good

The time is quickly approaching that demands all of the good people of the world to stand - to stand for goodness, empathy, justice, equality, protection of the environment and the rule of law. 

If, the world's remaining good people, who, I believe, outnumber the bad people, fail to stand, then tyranny, corruption, apathy and division will continue a transcending festering trajectory to infecting more and more people to a point of damning humanity into the end of the continuity of the human species as a cooperative and secure system. 

The good people are those concerned about the present socio-economic political and environmental affairs. Those having empathy, believing in equality, the rule of law and equality and those accepting the science of Climate Change. They disavow division, promote cohesiveness and prefer multilateralism over isolation. 

These are the people who must stand instead of sitting on the sidelines in the forthcoming months. The cues to stand for action will be explicit and the good people should heed the call to peace, security and happiness over the divisions of war, conflict and corruption. 

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