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High Time to Sever Extremism from among the Free

It is now abundantly apparent that any and all forms of extremism must be severed from free societies. The number of terror events and the mounting deaths from extremists actions must not be tolerated any longer. Open democratic societies must end any further assimilation of hatred through fallible ideology by the right or by extremists to be circulated among the free anymore.

Yesterday's dreaded terror attacks in London that killed seven and injured 48, must be the final event before a necessary outage of extremism among free people occurs. All efforts must now be taken to assure that those perpetrators seeking to lay waste to western nations as their peers have done to places in the East, are sent to jail or exiled to those waste lands they seem to admire.

Therefore, hate speech circulating among communities and hidden as religious doctrine, must come to an end forthwith. Also, nationals trained in terror and having returned home, have obviously not returned home to become good patriots, but to create mayhem and havoc among the free, thus they must not be allowed to walk free. 

The time of the abuse of fundamental rights as a smoke screen to prep for terror is hereby ended. There are responsibilities that come with each right demanded and at the fore of all rights is the protection of the serenity, liberty and life of all communities. Therefore, all those having trained for terror in Syria, in Libya or anywhere else, must be deemed immediate enemies of the state and hence, they should be treated accordingly.

Yesterday's terror attack upon innocent people on London Bridge by assailants using a motor van, the stabbings at Borough Market, the suicide bombing at Manchester, England on May 22 that killed 22 and wounded 59, the bombing of an ice cream shop on Baghdad, Iraq, and the killing 10 children and mothers and the injuring of 40 others; along with all the other terror acts upon innocent people must now be condemned. 

All perpetrators of terror must be eradicated. The free must be allowed to be free without fear. Extremism must be severed.

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