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Hidden Heroes to the Endurance of the Republic

Outside of the Legislative, Judicial and Executive arms of government and the normal business world, there exist a hidden army of unsung heroes who tirelessly contribute everyday to the endurance of the American Republic.

These heroes, though wide and varied, include the many charities and community groups that provide a vital safety net to America's poor, those in need of a leg-up and to those families experiencing economic transition. I speak specifically of Martha's Table, So Others Might Eat (SOME) and Bread for the City, among others here in Washington, DC., and countless others across the United States (US).

These groups through various funding sources have been able to extend to many families a safety net not protected by government. 

While the stellar work of Martha's Table and SOME are known, Bread for the City, which up until earlier today, was unknown to me, represents the non rewarded heroes, who every week, contribute to the stabilization of many families.

At a weekly breakfast which I attend with a number of academics and intelligence folks here in Washington, DC, I had the pleasure this morning of reacquainting myself with a former school-parent associate, Paul R. Taskier, who is now President and Chairman of the Board at Bread for the City. We have had casual conversations before, but to underscore the humility of such unsung heroes, he never mentioned his community work of providing a safety net to thousands of families each week.

Bread for the City provides food, clothing, counseling, medical and dental care along with a long list of other services to needy families in the Nation's Capital. I was moved by Paul Taskier's contributions to our society enough to write about his organization, with the renewed realization that it is not all that is done within government that protects the Republic, but it is the contribution of the people - the other centered people, which goes farthest in ensuring the endurance of the American Republic.

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