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Healthcare and the People's Choice

Universal health care should be a benefit of all the people. However, in lieu of it, the Affordable Care Act, passed under the rational leadership of President Barack Obama, sought protection and accessibility to health care for all the American people.

The elderly, the poor, the uninsured and those with pre-existing medical conditions were given necessary protections under the law passed by President Obama. Yet, many Americans, who benefited from the law, allowed their fortunate positions of benefactors of health care, to become convoluted by politicians, who opposed the 44th President.

Like some Brits, who benefited immensely from the United Kingdom's membership in the European Union(EU), but were misled by Brexit pols to vote against the union, many Americans benefiting from the Affordable Care Act, voted for Donald Trump, who pledged to overturned the law that gave them medical protections.

Yesterday, those who supported Trump's campaign pledge to get rid of their insurance coverage, saw their hope come closer to fruition as the United States(US) House of Representatives voted: 217-213, to repeal the Affordable Care Act and to replace it with the American Health Care Act. 

Though the US Senate might change the passed measure considerably, the Act, as written, could leave many Americans without health care because of cost and pre-existing conditions. Also, it would become more expensive for seniors and cheaper for young people. 

Whatever the result, Americans adversely effected by the bill will have to suffer the consequences of their actions to decry the Affordable Care Act, only to have it replaced by something that stings their quality of life and health care. Good riddance to that group.

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