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Has Turkey's Ergodan Influenced Today's Dutch Vote?

The Dutch are voting today in a general election that is fiery charged over immigration policy. When the votes have been finally tallied, any influence on Dutch voters by Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan, would be reflected in the number of votes gained by the acidic anti-immigrant and anti-European Union(EU), Geert Wilders of the Freedom Party.

Wilders has made no bones about his hatred of Muslim immigrants in Holland. He plans to close all the Mosques and to ban the Quo-ran and also to remove the country from the EU, should he elected leader of the 'Orange' people.

Last weekend, the Dutch government of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who is running for re-election today,  blocked two Turkish ministers from speaking at rallies related to a forthcoming Turkish constitutional referendum back in Ankara. There is a large Turkish population in Holland who are able to vote on matters back in Turkey.

In response to Dutch blocking speeches by the Turks, Erdogan called the Dutch "Nazi remnants". He has also criticized Germany for restricting Turkish political canvassing in Germany. 

Mark Rutte was right to institute blocking the Turkish speeches especially since they were coming on the fore of a crucial immigrant- sensitive election in Holland and at a time when his opponent, Wilders, calls for closing of Mosques, banning the Quo ran as well as closing Holland's borders to immigrant. Wilders went as far last weekend to describe as "scum" Muslim protesters in Holland. 

Erdogan's classification of the Dutch as "Nazi remnants" by blocking Turkish ministers from speaking at such a sensitive time in Holland could have enraged right wing voters, thereby sending them to the polls in large numbers to claim a non-immigrant stand in Holland. In contrast, Erdogan might have underscored to Dutch voters the importance to keeping the Rutte government as a symbol of rational leadership over the fiery-brand of Wilders. The Dutch votes will soon disclose the truth - continuity of the Rutte government, a change to Lodewijk Asscher's Labor Party, or upheaval with the fire of Wilders and his Freedom Party.

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