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Guns in America

The cold-hearted ideology of stoic conservatives regarding the bearing and buying of guns in America,  remains chilled more than a year after 20-six and seven-year-old were gunned down in their classrooms, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut.

These right-wing conservatives, who are deeply influenced by the gun lobby, have underscored their opposition to measurable changes that could bring any meaningful and commonsense regulation to the too easy availability of guns in America. These said conservatives yesterday mocked the fatherly and sincere tears shed by United States(US) President Barack Obama as he recalled the innocent lives lost to gun violence at their school in December, 2014. 

Yesterday, as President Obama announced new initiatives in an attempt to stem the violent tide of gun violence in America, he naturally -  like any red-blooded human of passion, life and feeling, became choked with tears upon the memory of the tragic death of so many young children. Yet, the conservatives quickly lined up in opposition to whatever the President might attempt to stop senseless gun violence.

Therefore, gun violence will more likely continue to torment America because of the staunch opposition of conservatives and the strength of the gun lobby to resist real needed changes to the culture of guns. However, at some point, maybe enough conservatives might become directly effected by the reality of the violence from the prevalence of guns, and then, serious work might be accomplished to ending the ease of availability of guns in America and the associated violence.

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