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Great Civilizations Will Endure - With or Without Tariff Penalties

A number of global events occurred in the past six-weeks during my self-imposed "time out", which could have forced my return to writing this Blog. However, I remained silent as asylum seekers were ripped of their children at the United States (US) border and as President Donald Trump, again, displayed a disdain for allies in an apparent deference to Russian President Vladimir Putin and initiating a trade war with China.

I remained silent while undergoing a much needed reflection on humanity and of purpose, while attaining a renewed enlightenment I very much sought. These objectives I gained nestled securely within the the provinces, cities and villages of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

As a result, today, I could now firmly submit without recall that Great Civilizations Will Endure - With or Without Tariff Penalties: to wit: continuous attempts to penalize China via trade will not dislodge China's rise. What I discovered during 22-days of living and traveling within China's provinces, cities and villages, is that the strength of family and of community, is too heavily ingrained into the fabric of Chinese society to be altered by any imported entity. China has withstood wars, intervention, occupation and isolation. Yet, from what I have witnessed forehand, China's civilization remains intact to last in excess of another 5,000-years. I thank the people of the PRC for hosting me during my visit.

Some of my intelligence and academic colleagues with whom I've briefed on my travels in China have jokingly claimed that I've returned home a "Marxist", but if having a truer and a clearer understanding of humanity's purpose, of government's best obligation to its people and of community's measure of content, makes me a Marxist, then I must be a "Marxist".

Notwithstanding, China is a Great Civilization and it will not be disrupted by foreign action. Chinese people desire the same things as all other peoples: peace, stability, prosperity and happiness. 

I'm in the process of writing a book on my travels within China and within each of my forthcoming Blogs, including this present one, are remarks that I will include in the future literary work, along with pictures.

I bid all of you peace and prosperity.

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