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Global Unity, Empathy and Protection of Rights and the Environment

In lieu of any leadership calling for a reset in international affairs and relations that have in the past brought measurable development to humanity, I hereby declare and call for a renewed emphasis on global unity, empathy for all peoples and the protection of all human and civil rights as well as for greater protection of the environment.

Amid research and development into space travel with a sight on the viability of capable life on another orb, humanity should view such undertakings as mere scientific studies capable of providing useful goods, but not as a means to a secondary home. 

Therefore, the human species must come to terms with the explicit reality that there is no Plan B to the only option of Plan A -  Planet Earth. Our Bright Blue Marble is our only choice - it always has been, and it will continue to be until the actions of man make it uninhabitable. 

Wars, conflicts, political divisions, growing divisions, agitations, apathy, rights violations, intolerance, xenophobia, fallible populist ideologies, authoritarianism and lukewarm fixes to the environment will not sustain human life on Earth.

Unified populations and cultures working directly toward the good of all the peoples and in unison to fully protecting the environment to combat Climate Change, remain the indisputable best and only possible course for a future for humanity. 

So I call upon those elected and picked by the peoples to fulfill their responsibilities to serve the people and to protect our environment.

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