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German Caution, Russian Agitation - Ukraine's Deepening Crisis

As German Chancellor Angela Merkel advocates today, here in Washington, DC, her caution to arming Ukraine against Russian backed-separatists, chances are that United States(US) President Barack Obama will adhere and respect the European preference on Ukraine. 

Yet, President Obama could remind the German Chancellor that Russian meddling is not abating and that now, rather than later when matters have deteriorated considerably, is ripe to provide a needed military component to force Putin back to the realms of Moscow.

Moreover, the German Chancellor could be reminded that delay in ratcheting up the ante against an aggressive Putin could witness his extension of agitations beyond Ukraine to include Greece, Hungary and a few other European Union(EU) nations facing austerity restrictions.

But whatever Merkel decides with President Obama, the US is expected to continue its long historical support for peace and stability on the European continent. 

However, the US should caution Europe that its caution to arming Ukraine while the US remains self-restraint, provides no guarantee of immediate US action once Europe has run the full gauntlet of rebuked concessions to Russia. In other words, now is the hour for action against Putin to stabilize Ukraine. To delay, would be to enhance Putin's position. And finally, once the 'crap has hit the fan' in Europe, US assistance might take a bit longer then to be coordinated and distributed.

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