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From a Fragile Peace to a Hopeful Assad-less Reconstruction in Syria

Now that most of the guns have fallen silent across Syria, all efforts to sustain the peace should made by all the parties to the conflict with a goal in mind to spearheading a long and costly reconstruction of an Assad-free Syria. 

The sooner attention is paid to crucial rebuilding efforts that will be needed across Syria, then the majority of the parties must recognize the relevance of proceeding to reconstruction without Bashar al Assad. Any inclusion of Assad in the rebuilding efforts of Syria - based upon his role in creating the present destruction that has killed 250,000 people and displaced millions, would cast Syria into a perpetual state of chaos and conflict that would threaten to transcend to the entire Levant on a scale greater than that of the last five-years.

Therefore, as the present fragile and violated ceasefire strains in Syria, peace talks should be promoted to facilitate a fair and just settlement to the people of Syria and without any active future role of the source of strife - Bashar al Assad.

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