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France Resolves to Continuity in Wake of the Notre Dame Fire

The French people have resolved to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral following yesterday's horrific fire at the historic religious iconic landmark, in Paris. The fire burned for nine-hours and no lives were lost.

Not only will the French rebuild Notre Dame, they will "make it more beautiful" as determined by President Emmanuel Macron, in a brief address to the French people, a few moments ago. Noting that the French Republic has "always have trials to overcome", Macron identified that what France does is "live" and that it has been "continuity that makes the nation of France."

Describing the French people as "rebuilders", Macron said all French people would "work together" in the rebuilding effort at the 12th century behemoth of historic significance. 

The French people have proved over many centuries that they are resilient as are their structures of importance having endured wars and revolution. With hundreds of millions of Euros already pledged to rebuilding efforts of Notre Dame, great confidence rests with the French people and their unity toward the continuity of the Republic.

Therefore, in a greater symbol of French unity, the time has apparently come for "yellow vests" protesters to shelve social demonstrations as a means to fostering the Republic to rebuilding efforts and as a sign of unbroken French comradery. Vive la France!

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