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Forward Ukraine, Forward!

It's fundamentally important and paramount for Ukraine's interim government to press forward with governance of all the people on behalf of all the people in this post-Yanukovych era. During this period of transition, as the new administrators put in place  reforms much needed in Ukraine, they should not allow Ukraine to become bogged down in revengeful nor celebratory matters of the past three months. The business of putting Ukraine's socio-economic and political houses in order should be  atop any agenda. Once the new leaders adopt this form of approach to governance, the legitimacy and credence of Ukraine will gain full favor, credit and support from the awaiting international community, which has been standing eagerly to assist in the modernization of Ukraine. The fact that Viktor Yanukovych has disappeared is not surprising. His last and most recent sighting in Crimea on Sunday attest to the character that is Yanukovych - to be close to Russia. But Kiev, Lviv and all the other victors of  Ukraine 2014 Peace, should not allocate vast resources in locating Yanukovych, instead most resources ought to be spent  in reforming Ukraine into a vibrant western democracy, where the rule of law and the respect of human rights and dignity are heralded. Yanukovych will surface in one of three places(again not to be named here) and the arrest warrant for him issued by the new government will be satisfied in due time. That Yanukovych was last seen in Balaklava, in Sevastopol, on the Black Sea, is fitting for a man in flight. Russia has a lease on a navy wharf in the area until 2042. Balaklava, that super secret former soviet port that held an underwater submarine base that could purportedly withstand an atomic penetration, is a place where a person like Yanukovych could disappear easily. The Isthmus of Perekop is a land route to Russia. The Crimean Mountains have been  impermeable in many wars. The Black Sea connects many lands. So, the new Kiev administration should govern for all Ukrainians, address the general welfare of all the people and not be sidetracked anymore by Yanukovych's antics. With regards Yanukovych, I suffice his fate lies in the adage : "all pigeons go home to die".    

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