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For the Sake of the Syrian Children...

For the sake of the Syrian children, could somebody, anybody, somewhere, anywhere, please put an end to the Syrian war. The Syrian war is making horrific casualties of a generation of innocents. So was the warning issued yesterday by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR). The UNHCR  released stark data on children caught in the saga that is the Syrian civil war which Al Jazeera fittingly reported. 

Of the 2.2 million refugees of the war, 52 percent of that total are children; 75 percent of the total children are under 12. These children go without school, they are forced to provide for any surviving family members -  there goes the child labor; in many cases the parents of these children have died, have been detained or the parents have complexly sent their children into exile alone for fear of their safety.

"Some of them(children) are literally speechless because they have seen horrors that affected them so much...They cant get it out of their minds, and they are highly traumatized," UNHCR spokeswoman Roberta Russo told Al Jazeera.

Moreover, many of these children are being born stateless without any official registration of their births.

Lebanon and Jordan continue to need infrastructural and resource funding in order to cope with the massive influx of refugees from Syria. These two neighbors house 60 percent of all the Syrian refugees. At the end of October, there were 291,238 Syrian children refugees living in Jordan, 385,007 in Lebanon. Of these numbers, UNHCR has registered 2,440 unaccompanied or separated Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, 1,320 in Jordan.

These are astounding numbers. These are the children of Syria - they are the region's children, they are the World's children, they are our children; peace must come to Syria.

In less than 15 years, what will become of these children? We would hope that they all passively become non-violent monks; but that will not be the case; such trauma to developing minds spread radicalism unless careful intervention and counseling could be accorded. These innocents souls have been left vulnerable for impact by radical groups.

So what will we do? Call somebody, anybody, talk to someone, anyone  and express the sentiment of the plight of Syria's children. Fini la guerre!

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