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Flight or Fight: Migrant, Victim or Victor - the Conflict Choices

Conflicts and economic hardships have uprooted and have turned many lives up-sided down since the dawn man. Many people who have stayed on to brave adversaries and barriers -  to fight conflicts and hardships, are killed; those who flee often encounter more formidable foes in flight than if they had stayed to battle, while the best armed people become the victors of conflicts and of economic hardships.

Therefore, in present conflicts and in those yet to come, the choice to flight or to fight, is not and will not often be an easy determination for populations effected by strife and scarcity. 

However, the dignity and the pride of all people should compel each and every potential victim of conflict or of economic hardship, to fight with honor and with high valor toward the preservation of their own lives and their continuity as a community, as a people, as a nation and as members of the human race. 

"Live free or die." Here's to the new found awakening of the displaced, the migrants and the victims of conflicts and of economic hardships.

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