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Flames of Freedom in Ukraine

New clashes between security forces and protesters have broken out in Ukraine against a background of scheduled talks between -  EU members, Germany, France and Poland, and the embattled Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Despite a called truce, another 18 protesters have died so far today amid renewed violence, adding to the 28, who died yesterday as reported by the Ukraine Health Ministry. As protesters defend their aspirations to freedom with flames of tires and molotov cocktails; real gunfire, rubber bullets and water cannons were also deployed in the mayhem. Ukrainians in Kiev and in Lviv are adamant as to their aspirations to be align  with the EU rather than with Russia. Despite their deaths in the streets and on the Maidan , Ukrainians continue to hold strong  their resolve to be free: to be free to be aligned with the EU; to be free to reject former soviet influence; to be free to demand changes to their constitution; to be free to aspire. The violence associated with this new round of protests is unlike previous conflicts in Kiev.The violence demonstrates that some protesters have become radicalized by the stalled antics and the inaction of Yanukovych's government. Some demonstrators have grown inpatient with Yanukovych and the distrust of his government has deepened; especially in light of Yanukovych's visit to Sochi last week to meet with Putin. Then came the security crack down. However, genuine protesters who desire freedom, should refrain from offensive violence. Any escalation in violence gives Yanukovych his desired excuse to use force to end the aspirations of Ukrainians. Western leaders including President Obama have expressed a graved concern over the violence in Ukraine and thus far, the US has reacted with suspending US visa privileges of 20 Ukrainian officials. 

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