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Five Oceans - One Future

To inspire future generations of leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs and civil society to identify solutions and to commit to actions to protect and to conserve our ocean and its resources, Our Ocean Conference opens here in Washington, DC, tomorrow and runs until September 16.

United States(US) Secretary of State John Kerry will host this 2016 Our Ocean Conference that seeks an unwavering emphasis on commitments for action by participants and other people of the world to protecting and preserving the five oceans, the State Department's website posted.

Our Ocean Conference should focus on:

Sustainable fisheries

Marine Pollution

Climate related Impacts on the Ocean

Marine Protected Areas

That there is a conference underscores the necessity and the urgency to encourage action on the environment and especially on the oceans that control our future, while they cover some 71 percent of our planet. Here's to healthy ocean solutions at this year's Our Ocean Conference. 

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